Who are we?

The Network for Community Initiatives (RICO) is a network of communities and individuals in Latin America and Europe that acts as a bridge of knowledge and practices, and encourages local initiatives that promote the social, cultural, environmental and material well-being of communities. Given this broad focus, we have no particular specialization; our mission is to catalyze dialogue among communities and support the processes they consider to be a priority. We strongly believe that communities know best their needs and potential; with the right support, they can flourish and become a source of inspiration and strength for other communities in the Network. Following the example of many pioneering initiatives in Latin America, RICO is committed to a heterarchic structure, in which its members act autonomously and responsibly, and where relationships are continuously transformed. Decisions that affect the collective as a whole are made in assembly and consensus, while operational decisions and decisions in the territory are made individually or in small working groups.

Here you will find our statutes and our foundation act, which give an account of our official registration as a civil society organization in the state of Berlin, Germany.