Former Combatants in Tolima

We want the seed of peace to contribute to the effort to emerge together from the pandemic we face. To that end, Manifesta, Tejiendo Paz and RICO have joined forces to support former FARC combatants from the Antonio Nariño Territorial Training and Reintegration Space (Icononzo, Tolima). With your support, we are making anti-bacterial mouthpieces by former FARC combatants that will be donated to vulnerable families and communities in Colombia.

With the support of Manifesta and Tejiendo Paz, former combatants of the ETCR Antonio Nariño have reconverted their textile manufacturing capacities to produce reusable mouthpieces. The production cost – which includes a fair remuneration for the textile workers – is 1,000 COP / 0.25 USD / 0.22 EUR per unit. We have enough raw material for 7.500 mouthpieces and reserves for 7.500 more, we want to collect 15 mio. COP / 3760 USD / 3400 EUR.

The money will be used 100% to pay for the production and logistics costs of the mouthpieces. Once the money is withdrawn, it will be paid directly to the workers of the cooperative, suppliers and logisticians in the community. RICO will coordinate the management of the resources and the other members of the project will support in obtaining the supports, as well as in the payments that have to be made.

You can access our virtual collection for the ETCR Antonio Nariño, through this button. On the platform, you can process your contribution directly. If you are interested in collaborating in another way, please contact us.

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  • If we reach 10% of the goal...

    we'll be able to start production of the first batch of mouthpieces.

  • If we reach 20% of the goal...

    we'll be able to start the distribution of the first batch of mouthpieces.

  • If we reach 50% of the goal...

    we will be able to recover the resources of the first 7,500 mouthpieces and get inputs for the next 7,500.

  • If we reach 70% of the goal...

    We will be able to continue with the production of the following mouthpieces, as well as begin to establish the capacities to elaborate disinfectant gel, homemade soap, among other implements of hygiene, which will be elaborated for example with aloe cultivated in the ETCR.

  • If we reach 100% of the goal...

    we will be able to produce 15,000 reusable mouthpieces for distribution to vulnerable populations, and proceed to a next stage of the process in which other protective elements and inputs are produced (e.g. more mouthpieces, protective suits, disinfectant gel, soap, etc.).

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