Women score against COVID-19 in Boyacá

We collaborate with 20 women heads of household who manufacture footballs in Monguí, Boyacá. Due to the health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ball factories have been forced to close. These women work independently for the factories from their homes and in the face of the situation they are left without any economic support for their families. For this reason, they seek to ensure an income for women, through productive projects focused on the manufacture of mouthpieces and antibacterial gel. These prevention products will be distributed, free of charge, in the community, which lacks elements of care and prevention against the virus. Through this collection, we will finance all the necessary materials and pay fair wages to the women, allowing for additional voluntary contributions from the community. In addition, a common fund will be set up to promote further productive initiatives.

With the support of local leader Maria Soto, it has been possible to reconvert the manufacturing and chemical handling skills of women in charge of making footballs to begin producing hand-sanitizer and face masks. The estimated production costs for hand-sanitizer (including fair wages for workers) is 2500 COP/100 mL. The aim is to distribute 700 units of 100ml. Aiming to produce 33.000 face masks, we hope to cover the consumption of 500 families during 6 weeks. Thanks to our allies we will be able to produce at a cost of 350 COP/unit.

We want to start by collecting 15 million COP (3.800 USD). With this base, we will be able to donate the face masks and the hand-sanitizer to the community, which will allow us to be prepared to attend to a shortage of prevention elements in the municipality. This amount also contemplates a contribution of 3,3 million COP (850 USD) to a common fund, from which subsequent productive initiatives can be promoted, on which we will report through our networks. 

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  • If we reach 5% of the goal...

    we will be able to conduct an information campaign in the community about prevention measures against COVID-19.

  • If we reach 10% of the goal...

    we will be able to finance the cost of materials to start the production of 70 litres of hand-sanitizer  

  • If we reach 25% of the goal...

    we will be able to: begin the distribution of the hand-sanitizer and begin to finance the cost of materials for the production of the first 1000 face masks.

  • If we reach 50% of the goal...

    we will be able to: distribute the first mouthpieces and start producing the next 7000 face masks.

  • If we reach 75% of the goal...

    we will be able to finalize production and distribution of 15000 face masks in the community.

  • If we reach 100% of the goal...

    we will have manufactured and distributed 33 thousand face masks, 70 litres of hand-sanitizer, and established a common fund for future productive projects in the community (which we will announce through this medium).

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