We build alliances and strengthen communities in the face of


What do we weave?

Community Work

We support communities in the ideation, execution and follow-through of initiatives that ensure their welfare at a spiritual, social, economic and environmental level.

Solidarity Networks

We manage solidarity networks in Latin America and Europe to support community initiatives, as well as to build new alliances and working relationships, which are both responsible and sustainable.

Political Impact

We use our positions of privilege – as well as our experiences on the ground – to inform cultural and public policy debates in Europe and Latin America.

What's new?

With whom do we sow?

In Latin America, we are in different phases of project development in Colombia, Guatemala and Venezuela. In Europe, we are present in Germany and France. Additionally, we have collaborated with initiatives in Peru, Brazil, the Netherlands and Austria.

What inspires us?

In addition to our specific work with communities and groups, RICO seeks to contribute to social, academic and political debates in our areas of work through research and outreach material. We propose this space for the exchange of knowledge and practices from and for the Global South.